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DHHS Criminal Record Checks
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House Bill (HB) 737 legislation made criminal record checks a pre-service requirement for any person who:

  • Is employed by or seeks to be employed by a child care facility, whether in temporary or permanent capacity, including substitute providers;
  • Owns, operates, or seeks to own or operate a child care center, center in a residence, or family child care home; or
  • Is a member of the household age 16 and older in a family child care home, or center in a residence, including family members and nonfamily members who use the home on a permanent or temporary basis as their place of residence; or
  • Seeks to be an uncompensated provider who is counted in staff/child ratio or left alone with children in a child care facility.

Here are the steps for submitting information to DCDEE for a criminal record check. All new applicants and applicants applying for a 3 year re-qualification must submit the following:

  1. Receipt for Federal Criminal Record Check - Individuals must go to the Online Payment for CRC website and pay $25.00 by credit card for the federal criminal record check.  A copy of the payment confirmation must be printed and included in the criminal record check packet mailed to the DCDEE office. 

  2. Completed Live Scan forms or manual Fingerprint card - Individuals must go to their local law enforcement office and get fingerprints completed.  Fingerprints can be completed by Live Scan or by manual printing.  Most law enforcement agencies are now using Live Scan.  Applicants must complete the Live Scan application and release form and submit them to law enforcement at the time the fingerprints are scanned.  These forms must be included in the criminal record check packet mailed to the DCDEE office.  The Live Scan forms are located below.   Prints that are completed electronically through Live Scan are sent directly to the SBI office for processing.  Prints manually rolled must be completed on a FD258 fingerprint card.

  3. DHHS 004 ID form (purple bubble sheet) - Individuals must complete an original Information Sheet (DHHS 004 form) - new purple bubble form.   Original copy of the form can be obtained from the Division, local R&R agencies, or from your child care employer.

Important: An individual must submit together all three items listed above for DCDEE to process a criminal record check: (1)Fingerprints-either manual FD258 fingerprint card or certified Live Scan release form, (2) Completed and accurate purple bubble sheet, and (3) Receipt of payment for the federal check.  Out of state resident must also include the local report from their county of residence.    The individual’s full, legal name must be written/signed exactly the same on all three items.  If name is hyphenated, it must be hyphenated on all paperwork. 

For more detailed information about these changes, please view the links below:

Submission Information
  • Information Guide & Checklist for Child Care Providers
  • CRC Basic Instructions Guide
  • Mandatory Notice (DCD0049)
  • Online Payment for Criminal Background Check
  • Live Scan (Electronic Fingerprinting)

    Live Scan fingerprinting involves taking digital fingerprint impressions and transmitting those impressions directly to the State Bureau of Investigation for processing without generating a fingerprint card.

    Please read and print out the following information:

    NC.GOV NC Race to The Top Early Learning Challenge

    2201 Mail Service Center | Raleigh, NC 27699-2200
    919-527-6335 | 1-800-859-0829 (In State Only)

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