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This section of the website provides information about the Birth-through-Kindergarten (BK) education and licensure requirements for Early Childhood Lead Teachers who are employed by nonpublic schools (NC Pre-K, Developmental Day, Head Start and other Early Childhood programs) who hold, or are eligible for, the BK license. The Early Educator Support, Licensure and Professional Development (EESLPD) Unit administers the Beginning Teacher Support Program, the Lateral Entry Teacher Support Program and the Licensure Renewal Program to support Early Childhood Lead teachers at each level of the licensure process - from the lateral entry BK license, to BK SP I (Initial) and SP II (Continuing) licensure. NC Pre-K and Developmental Day Preschool Lead Teachers must enroll using the EESLPD Enrollment Application and submit updates for your contact information/site using the EESLPD Change form.

What is the NC Birth-through-Kindergarten License?
The North Carolina Birth-through-Kindergarten degree and license prepares early childhood educators to work with young children, from birth through age 5 years, with and without disabilities, including those at-risk, and their families. The pre-service process requires coursework and a student teaching/internship to qualify for a NC Educator's Standard Professional I license issued by the NC State Board of Education. The in-service process requires three years of induction or beginning teacher support, coupled with formal teacher evaluations, resulting in a professional development plan, leading to a North Carolina Birth-through-Kindergarten Standard Professional II license.

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Professional Development & Training

NC Foundations for Early Learning and Development

Early Childhood Educators who are enrolled and working with the EESLPD Unit to attain and/or maintain NC Birth-through-Kindergarten licensure are required to align their instruction with NC Foundations for Early Learning and Development.  Teachers will implement these standards in their work as the NC Standard Course of Study (NCSCOS) appropriate to the age group of children being taught. The NCSCOS (Foundations) is required as part of the NC Teacher Evaluation process.

To inform and support the alignment of curricula and the NC Standard Course of Study for Pre-K, enrolled lead teachers are required to complete NC Foundations for Early Learning and Development (NC FELD) – version 2013, online modules. Enrolled teachers and their site administrators will be provided more details and a pacing guide during the annual team agreement meeting conducted by their assigned mentor and/or evaluator. Teachers will complete 12 NC FELD modules over the course of the program year and receive individualized classroom-based support from their assigned evaluator and/or mentor. Certificates will be generated following completion of each module. Teachers must submit a copy of their certificate to the EESLPD Unit via US postal mail at Early Educator Support, Licensure and Professional Development Office, Early Education Unit, Education & Quality Section/DCDEE, 2201 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699 or faxed to 919-715-0920 by January 7th and/or May 28th of the program year.

Some local education agencies (administered by the public schools) and NC Pre-K contracting agencies have already provided the 12 NC FELD modules (via face-to-face) for teachers in the public and nonpublic schools. If your are enrolled in the EESLPD Unit and have completed the 12 NC FELD modules, please submit your certificate(s) to the EESLPD Unit as verification.

Teachers are required to continuously implement NC FELD instructional practices in their classroom environment to support the developmental needs of all children.

Foundations for Families is designed to support early childhood professionals’ conversations with families around their child’s development. It is aligned with the 2013 North Carolina Foundations for Early Learning and Development.  Teachers also can use the old version “Foundations for Preschoolers (2005) - WITH Black & White PICTURES” to send age-appropriate ideas for families to use with their children at home (“Strategies for families is located under each domain.)”

Until that time, please use the following links:

NC.GOV NC Race to The Top Early Learning Challenge

2201 Mail Service Center | Raleigh, NC 27699-2200
919-527-6335 | 1-800-859-0829 (In State Only)

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